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My goal in starting this project is to discover insights about how the creative process works. My plan is to document parts of my own creative process and then invite fellow Detroit based creatives to document parts of their processes as well. My hope is that this blog will become a resource for artists and collectors and a teaching tool for students. Plus, I think it would be really groovy to create a catalog of technical information, resources (check the right hand column) photos of everyone's work and links to their websites.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pottery in Hamtrarmck - Laura Macintyre

I have recently (through much effort on the part of my husband, me, my Mom and my Dad) got a pottery studio up and running in my garage.  The summer was full of daily experimentation in throwing, firing and glazing.  There are so many possibilities in pottery, between shapes, glazes and heat that it kinda freaks me out!

Above is a collection of bisque ware waiting to be glazed. 

As you can see below I have been playing with orange glazes, imprints and decals.  I really like the idea of bright modern colors with older techniques - going back to the ancients with the imprinting!
I have also found that I prefer to use glazes mixed with a lot of clear to thin them and brighten the colors and let the white of the clay sparkle through.

I plan to work more with this idea of contrasting old and new.  Any ideas to share?  Contact me at laura macintyre 

The three photos at left are soup bowls.  A really interesting woman bought four from me at the People's Art Festival this summer and we talked about vegan eating and the type of vegan soup she would serve in the bowls.  When she left she thanked me and gave me her card.  It turned out to be Alicia Silverstone, in town to film the upcoming movie Vamps.  You can visit Alicia's blog at The Kind Life and see the bowls she purchased and get the recipe for her vegan soup  :)  -laura 
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    1. Laura-
      I read about your pottery on Alicia's website, and I have to say that I am quite enamored with your work! I cannot wait for your online store to open so that I can buy some myself!:-)