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Welcome to the first day of the Detroit based creativity project, DETROIT: GROUND ZERO.


My goal in starting this project is to discover insights about how the creative process works. My plan is to document parts of my own creative process and then invite fellow Detroit based creatives to document parts of their processes as well. My hope is that this blog will become a resource for artists and collectors and a teaching tool for students. Plus, I think it would be really groovy to create a catalog of technical information, resources (check the right hand column) photos of everyone's work and links to their websites.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eleni Photography

A good friend and a creative inspiration to me is Eleni.  Eleni is a photographer specializing in natural light and on-location portraiture.  What Eleni does is to craft portraits of everyday family life that transcend documentation.  They have a timeless quality to them that is more artistic representation of human life in the 21t century than family photo.  Check her images below and you will see what I mean.   

Eleni feels that for herself, her most vivid childhood memories are those of ordinary family activities and everyday life.   When composing a collection, her goal is to preserve personal memories of normal life for the specific family she is working with. She has the family choose an activity that they do often, that the children are familiar with and comfortable doing in order to create this authenticity.

Check out more of Eleni's work at www.eleniphotography.com  and read her blog at www.eleniphotography.blogspot.com  or email her directly at info@eleniphotography.com

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